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Alliance Shotokan Karate Club caters for Karate students of all ages, from absolute beginner to seventh Dan black belt, in a friendly family atmosphere. Come along and meet the club members and instructors. Start getting fit and build up your self-confidence at the same time.
Alliance Shotokan Karate Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at
St. Paul's Community Centre, Brick Kiln Street, Tipton. DY4 9BP. 7.00-9.00pm

Training at ASKC

The ethos of ASKC is basic Shotokan Karate techniques, the foundation and building blocks of all Karate techniques.The majority of training time is spent practicing basic punching and kicking techniques and Kata, which comprises of a set sequence of moves and techniques. New adult students often receive one to one training before being slowly introduced into the main classes, once they have a good general understanding of terms and techniques. A dedicated kids class ensures that youngster are in a peer group and do not feel out of their depth.

Partnerwork also plays a large part in the ASKC syllabus. This involves training with a partner and putting techniques learned in each lesson into practice, such as kicks, punches and blocks etc.

Partnerwork is also vital for each grading. It gives Karate Ka (students) a chance to show what they have learned and how to execute each move correctly. Grading for KYU grades (all belts below Black Belt) take place every three months with Dan grading scheduled every six months.

ASKC has a large selection of training aids for both youth and adult students. Wall mounted full size heavy punch bags, floor mounted full size bags and small size for juniors, speed punch equipment and two floor mounted rubber dummies, one small and one large in addition to hand held speed pads and numerous pieces of safety equipment such as head guards and sparring mitts.

Equipment-use nights at the club are always very popular with mixed teams of Kyu and Dan grades all taking turns to use each piece of equipment, which improves stamina and accuracy of punches and kicks.

Without doubt the most popular training sessions are 'Fight Nights' where four teams are chosen and all students are matched in light sparring using floor mats and safety equipment. These sessions are given as a reward to students and must be earned by consistent hard work in basics and kata. Fight Nights arecertainly a great confidence builder and shows the true fighting spirit of each student, many parents are very surprised at just how well their kids perform in a competitive, friendly atmosphere.

One step on from Fight Nights is competition sparring. Recently introduced, the club had an outstanding tally of medals at a local Tri-club competition organised by Sensei Steve Humphries from Roaring Tiger Karate Club, which invloved Farmhouse Shotokan Club and ASKC.