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Alliance Shotokan Karate Club caters for Karate students of all ages, from absolute beginner to seventh Dan black belt, in a friendly family atmosphere. Come along and meet the club members and instructors. Start getting fit and build up your self-confidence at the same time.
Alliance Shotokan Karate Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at
St. Paul's Community Centre, Brick Kiln Street, Tipton. DY4 9BP. 7.00-9.00pm

Sensei L.A. Butler: Profile

Sensei Butler began his Karate career in 1973 at the age of five. Under the guidance of his uncle, John Flavell - one of the world reknowned Masters of Shotokan Karate.
Sensei Butler progressed through the ranks, attaining Kyu grades from 1978 onwards. Training under the BKA association, he reached the grade of 1st Kyu at the age of 11 and soon followed this superb achievement with his 1st Dan later in 1980.

From his first black belt up to today's 7th Dan grade took Sensei Butler 34 years of dedication and selfless attention to training and teaching others in the Shotokan way, ably assisted for many years by ASKC's other main instructor Sensei D Morris (profile coming soon).

Alliance Shotokan Karate Club was formed in 1988 and has gone from strength to strength ever since, a true testament to the popularity and straightforward teaching style of Sensei Butler.

Grading dates

Kyu Grades

10th. 14.1.78 JM Flavell/M Simmonds. BKA
9th.  11.4.78. JM Flavell. BKA
8th 19.7.78. JM Flavell/K Elston. BKA
7th. 14.10.78 JM Flavell. BKA
6th.  24.1.79 JM Flavell. BKA
5th 24.1.79 JM Flavell. BKA
4th 18.4.79 JM Flavell. BKA
3rd 18.7.79 JM Flavell. BKA
2nd. 24.10.79 JM Flavell. BKA
1st. 24.2.80 Toro Takamazara/D Woo. BKA

Dan Grades

1st. 11.5.80 Toro Takamazara/G Wallace. Tera Karate Kai
2nd. 30.3.83 J Richards. Zenshin
3rd. 05.10.86 JM Flavell. MBK
4th. 01.06.88 AMA/MBK
5th. 10.04.97 AMA/MBK
6th. 04.08.02 D Sharkey/EKO
7th. 19.12.13 P Chambers/IMASA