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Alliance Shotokan Karate Club caters for Karate students of all ages, from absolute beginner to seventh Dan black belt, in a friendly family atmosphere. Come along and meet the club members and instructors. Start getting fit and build up your self-confidence at the same time.
Alliance Shotokan Karate Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at
St. Paul's Community Centre, Brick Kiln Street, Tipton. DY4 9BP. 7.00-9.00pm

The Alliance Shotokan Karate Club was established in 1988, by Sensei L.A Butler 7th Dan, who was then a fourth Dan black belt.

The Alliance name comes from the place where it was first based, the Alliance Community Centre in Owen Street Tipton.

Over the years the club has built up a good base of members, people of all ages have passed through the doors of the Alliance and trained in the true ways of Shotokan karate.

Due to redevelopment the club had to move to new premises taking its name and Shotokan spirit with it.

In May 2001 the club parted company from its affiliated federation, the M.B.K and we joined the E.K.O and stayed with them for approximately 2 1/2 years. The club then left this federation due to lack of grading rights. Alliance then joined directly to the A.M.A, giving the club the power to grade its own Dan grades.

The Alliance stands out as one the best, if not the best Shotokan club in the area, with a team of instructors with well over sixty years of combined experience.

However it is the students of the Alliance that have made it what it is today. It is up to you as the elite, as true karate-ka, to keep the Alliance spirit going.

Old Photos from Sensei Morris